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Many people wonder how to choose the right company to buy their wrecked or junk car.  They want to know what makes us different from the other junk cars buyers in the Indianapolis area.  The one thing that sets us apart is all we do is buy junk and running cars.  We have several junk yards or salvage yards in the Indianapolis area that we deal with.  We also deal with several used car lots and car dealers in the Indianapolis area.  We are constantly in contact with all of these to know exactly what inventory they are needing at any given time.  This enables us to pay you the most money for your car or truck.  We do buy both junk and running cars.  As a matter of fact we love running cars.  You can call us and have us come out and make you a "no obligation" cash offer for your car or truck.

Junk Cars Indianapolis

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"I had wrecked my car.  It was a 1998 Chevy Malibu.  I knew this car didn't weigh too much and now it was total junk.  I call Sell Junk Cars Indianapolis .com and they took care of me.  Not only did they pay me almost twice the amount that I thought I was going to get, but they came out, paid me cash and towed my junk car away for free also.  They did all of this within an hour too.  I hope I never have to use them again, but if I am in that situation, I sure will.  As a matter of fact, I had 2 friends that needed to junk their cars and I referred them to them too."-C. Clark-Indianapolis

"I check three different "cash for cars" companies in the Indianapolis area.  Junk Cars Indianapolis.com offered me the most money and free towing.  When I started to ask questions, most of those other companies that offered us cash for our car were going to charge us for the towing.  They were also really nice too."-Debbie-Greenwood

"When it comes to junking cars, I give these guys 2 thumbs up."-Sue-Brownsburg

"My home owners association was after me to get my car moved since it had a flat tire and the plates were expired.  These guys game up, paid me cash and towed away my car in less than an hour."-Glenn-Carmel

"My teenage son wrecked his 1996 Chevy Cavalier.  The insurance company totaled it out.  Junk Cars Indianapolis came out and paid us cash for it.  I didn't think that old little car was worth anything.  Man, was I surprised.  Then they towed it away for FREE.  What really impressed me though was the professionalism of the staff.  They were very easy to deal with and very informative.  If I ever have to scrap a car again, I am calling them first."-Pete-Indianapolis

"I was so glad that I found Indianapolis Junk Cars.  They gave me over $100 more than my next best quote on my wrecked truck"-Dave, Indianapolis

"When I made my decision to finally scrap my old car, my work had just begun.  I called every junk yards, scrap yard, salvage yard, cash for cars buyer and anyone else in the Indianapolis area.  After making several phone calls and waiting for two days for different tow truck to show up, I finally had one company that offered me the most money for my junk car show up.  Then they offered to pay me $75 less than they promised on the phone.  I called Junk Cars Indianapolis then and they came right out, paid me with cash and didn't argue one bit about what they would pay for the car.  I should of called them first."-Kevin, Indianapolis

"Junk Cars Indianapolis was a lifesaver for me.  I need my old car moved and moved quick.  I was moving and hadn't even thought that old car in my back yard.  Not only did they come dig that old junk car out, but they paid me cash and had it out in less than 2 hours after I called them."-Nancy, Whiteland

"Thank you for pick up my junk car and getting it out of my front yard fast.  Your tow truck driver was here in less than 35 minutes and I live on the other side of Indianapolis." -Bob, Indianapolis

Many people think that a junk car is a car that has been wrecked, crashed, has a bad motor or tranny or has just gotten old sitting in the garage or under that tree in the backyard for several years.  This is not necessarily the case.  A car becomes a junk car when it costs more to keep it running or to get it running than the car is worth.  We actually buy many running and driving cars.  Why is this, you ask?  Many cars just costs so much money to keep them running.  They may have an oil leak, or a power steering leak, or something that makes you continually add fluids, or other minor repairs.  When it is all said and done though, it can costs you more money to keep a car or truck like this running than buying a newer car or at least one in better shape.  We always pay cash for junk cars.

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Junk cars Indianapolis

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We always pay CASH for your CAR!
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 Cash for Junk Cars Indianapolis

We always pay cash for your junk car!